Bagpipe Tunes

As Bagpiping Chicago, J. Kevin Chapman plays a variety of bagpipe songs, which are correctly referred to as “bagpipe tunes” for funerals, weddings, special events, and presentations.

Bagpipe Songs for Funerals (Dirges)

Kevin plays many different funeral songs. Have a hymn or tune you would like him to play? Just ask. Here are short clips of popular funeral songs or dirges.

Bagpiping Chicago Tunes – “Amazing Grace”:

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Bagpiping Chicago Tunes – “Dawning of the Day”:

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Bagpiping Chicago Tunes – Wedding Bagpipe Songs (Tunes)

Furthermore, Kevin plays a variety of wedding songs in the church and/or at the reception. Here are a few short samples of the tunes. Have a favorite you want played? Just ask.

Some of these tunes may also be appropriate for presentations and special events, including St. Patrick’s Day. (And if you’re Irish, isn’t every day St. Patty’s Day?)

Bagpiping Chicago Tunes – Highland Cathedral

J. Kevin Chapman of Bagpiping Chicago plays “Highland Cathedral.”

Bagpiping Chicago Tunes – Mairi’s Wedding

“Mairi’s Wedding” is played by Bagpiping Chicago’s J. Kevin Chapman.

Bagpiping Chicago Tunes – Wearing of the Green

‘Tis not the biggest mix up. This is “Wearing of the Green” by Bagpiping Chicago.

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